A Different Way of Playing Online Casino Games

The growth of cryptocurrency and the easy accessibility of smartphones have made so many people to use it simultaneously on a number of services. Among which is Bitcoin and bet in online casinos such as Daftar Bandarqq. What can You do with Bitcoin and Mobile Casino Games? There are tons of things that Bitcoin and […]

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Understanding Betting Probabilities

Professional bettors have a rule of thumb when betting but only few know about it. It’s ironic because many of these experienced bettors are actually not hiding this secret to any. But if will be put into practice, players should consider that not all bets are the same. So for instance, the bet you made […]

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World Gaming Community in midst of Pandemic

Let us just be realistic here; covid-19 turned is a pandemic that left gaming industry worldwide almost down to its feet. There are a number of things that can give signs that casinos both offline and online such as 918Kiss might have a hard time to fully recover. Pre-pandemic, there’s been a decline in profits […]

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