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No one does it forever. Usually they are people who used to sports gamble and got tired of losing money. Illegal or not, as long as there are people who want to bet on sports, there will be people setting up shop as bookies. Office pools and boards can be fun for the casual gambler, but they are limited and not very scientific. During football season, a parlay ticket may be distributed throughout the work place.


As we have said, these bets are difficult to win, and you may be limited to only parlays. Sometimes the people who run these tickets and pools are very amateur. Mistakes are made and there are communication breakdowns. I know of one time my wife 32 brought home a college football parlay from her place of employment at a local school district. The ticket displayed 10 or so games with favorites and underdogs clearly noted. I made my picks accordingly.


I thought to myself, then why display the point spread? How amateur. March madness brackets and Super Bowl boards , Nascar and other boards can be found at bars, diners, auto repair shops, all over. With the exception of March madness brackets, these are potluck wagers that have little to do with skill or sports knowledge.