Basketball probably has the most availability of any sport. There are thousands of college and pro games played each season. Women’s basketball actually gets some action. Powerhouse college programs such as Tennessee and Connecticut have brought some interest to their sport.


This is actually good for the sports gambler. The oddsmakers can’t possibly handicap all the games as closely as they do football for example. A good gambler can take advantage of this by studying less popular teams and games, maybe capitalizing in places where the house doesn’t expect it. One series or one game at a time. Like football, most basketball games are handicapped by a point spread. If you pick North Carolina, they must win by 8 or more points. If you pick Connecticut they must win the game, or lose by 7 or less points.


Sometimes when the score hits at exactly the points spread, then the game is a push, all money is returned. Sometimes there are point spreads for each half or all four quarters of a game. You can also bet the over/ under on the total number of points scored by both teams added up. If the final score is North Carolina 77, Connecticut 74, then the total is 151. If you bet over you win.