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Major league has a lot of  information. Also your local newspaper sports department can be very helpful. Sometimes games are shortened or rained out. A game must be considered an official game at its conclusion for all bets to be honored. Hockey Hockey is sort of a large cult sport that lately hasn’t gotten the love that it deserves.


The most common hockey bet is a moneyline bet. Meaning, if you bet on the Lightning, you would bet $155 to try to win $100. If you want to bet on the Rangers, you would bet $100 to try to win $140. As we have said about the moneyline being based on 100, you can bet any amount you want, but it will be proportional to these numbers. As always, some juice will be charged.


You bet on who will win a best of 5 or best of 7 game series, instead of just one game. Sometimes when one team is heavily favored, you might see odds on a 4-0 sweep. Meaning, for every $1 you bet on the Devils to sweep, you are trying to win $3. If the Flyers win even just one game they become the winning side of the bet. Sometimes you will see a puck or Canadian line.