San Bellarmino Ketonaita

Underdogs don’t always win the actual game, but they win about 60% of the time when a point spread is factored in. Sometimes when two teams are judged equal, then the line will be expressed as pick-em. This means that there is no point spread, you simply choose which team you think will win. Along with the point spread, there sometimes is a total number on which you can bet the over/ under.


Dolphins total points will add up to either over or under 30 44 points. If we stay with the score of Colts 17 – Dolphins 14, then the total is 31. If you bet the over you win. Bet the under you lose. If the total hit exactly 30, then all bets would be a push and all money would be returned. This model applies to all football – pro, college, arena or any other league. Rarely, but sometimes you will find a football moneyline bet. All moneyline bets are based on the number 100. If you take the favorite you risk more money to win less.


Meaning, if you bet on the Colts, you must bet $130 to try to win $100. If the colts win, then you win $100 plus you get your $130 back for a total of $230. If you take the underdog Dolphins, you must bet $100 to try to win $120. If the Dolphins win, you win $120 plus get your $100 back for a total of $220. If your team loses, you lose what you bet. The team you take must only win the game, with no 45 Colts -130 Dolphins +120 vs. vs. point spread involved.