Maros Archive Of Answers

As far as adults are concerned, some people drink, some people raise horses, some people build and race cars. It’s all entertainment which cost money. To each his own, but good judgment and self-control must be employed if you don’t want to end up in the poorhouse, or in the river. People have lost everything – their homes, their families, their dignity, and social lives. There are plenty of people out there who are more than willing to take your money.


Don’t become a victim. Enjoy the wonderful world of sports gambling but tread lightly until you have become more experienced. Know that the house, sportsbook , or bookie can, at any time, refuse to accept your action. It is a privilege and not a right to be able to sports gamble. They set the lines and they can set limits on the size of the bet. They can send you down the road if you become too good.


Some pro’s will employ a person known as a beard, a frontperson who places someone else’s bet as if it is his/ her own. This isn’t always easy because the pro needs to share some of the winnings with the beards, and sooner or later the beards/pro relationship could be exposed.