Not everyone is comfortable gambling illegally, but it may be their only option. One should know, however, that people can and have gone to jail over illegal sports gambling. In extreme cases, people end up losing everything and sometimes end up in the river or the local landfill. Money is a touchy subject that can bring out the worst in people. One should use wisdom and caution especially with the illegal side of sports gambling.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. Like any good business or vocation, sports gambling takes work, patience, experience, discipline and good judgment. Luck and intuition will only take you so far. To be successful at sports gambling, you have to be good, and it helps to be lucky.

If you continued betting $100 per game on five games each week and averaged winning three out of five, (which is better than most people average) using this model over the course of a 15-week football season, you would net a $1,050 profit. If you bet $1,000 instead of $100, you would net a profit of $10,500. So, depending on your price range, you would be earning a little more than a 20% profit. Not bad, but winning three of five is an optimistic model.