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Then there are the legal sportbooks in the state of Nevada. Most are located in one of the state’s many casinos. This is regulated and generally on the up and up. This is face-to-face betting. You can even have complimentary drinks and watch the games on multiple TV screens in a great sports crowd atmosphere. Not everyone lives near Nevada, however, and some people don’t like crowds or casinos.


Some will lavish their patrons with food and drink. Most all have multiple TV screens and pleasant seating. They have large boards showing odds, point spreads, and all the bets available to you. Like a racetrack, they have multiple windows to take the crowds’ bets. Most casinos require cash bets at their windows, but some will extend credit to credit worthy individuals. Most have ATM’s available if you don’t want to carry around too much cash at once.


You walk in, check out the game board, place your bets if you like the lines and then watch the games in a fun sports mad atmosphere. It would be wise if you have the ability to check out a few different sportbooks to see all of your options. The casinos are constantly evolving and upgrading.