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Do a little socializing, be patient, be sincere, be assertive but not pushy, and chances are you’ll find a bookie to place sports bets with. College frat houses are fertile bookmaking grounds. Golf country clubs, YMCA’s, recreational softball and basketball leagues can offer leads. Even if you don’t drink alcohol, you could go to the local corner bars as well as the big sports bars in the area. A measure of sports knowledge, politeness, and self- 30 confidence can go a long way.


Unless you live in extremely rural America, finding a bookie should not be that difficult. Once you have found a bookie or two, you need to find out how they operate. You will usually be given a number or an alias to identify yourself with. You need to find out the bookie’s schedule. What bets are offered, and when? When and where is settle up day ? Can you stop by and place bets in person or do they use phones or computers?


Most good bookies want your business because they make money off of gamblers. Once you get the hang of it, the bookie’s system will become simplistic to you. Like people, no two bookies are exactly alike. This is unregulated territory and anything can happen. Many of bookies have come and gone.