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Bookies can be found in all walks of society school systems, fire departments, blue collar, even government agencies. The common interest in sports, the element of risk, and a chance for profit draws people to the bookie/ gambler relationship. Bookies can range from inept and sloppy to sophisticated and professional. It may take a while to find one who is fair and competent. A good bookie is a good businessman.


They offer a variety of bets, they pay on time, they make no excuses, they are clear and consistent. On the flip side, you should treat your bookie with the same professionalism. Having a good relationship with your bookie is essential to 29 your sports gambling experience. If you can, try to have more than one good bookie that you can depend on. That way you have more access to different lines and more variety of bets.


If you don’t know of any bookies or where to find one, it never hurts to simply ask. Ask friends, ask co-workers, ask family members, ask contractors, ask business associates. You can also attend local sporting events such as high school or college games even youth sports (a dad whose kid is on my son’s hockey team is a bookie).