OJK’s Timely Digitalization of Indonesia’s Traditional Banks

The later part of year 2019 saw an uplifting of the banking industry in Indonesia, as legislators gave banks permission to conform with digitalization trends. The Financial Services Authority of Indonesia, locally known as the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan or OJK had introduced timely amendments that allowed Indonesian banks to cope with the global shift to […]

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Gambling Stocks – Opportunity or Risk?

Courageous investors have already managed to experience high profits with gambling stocks in the past few years. These have recently gotten into a clear bull market and continued to climb to new highs. For many investors, the question now arises as to whether it is still worth entering this market and paying the currently high […]

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Proper Ways of Repairing Financial Loss Due to Gambling

There are many forms of gambling such as the on-site casino, lottery, sports betting, and online gambling. All these gambling types are really enjoyable, entertaining and fun. However, engaging in this type of activities may also incur long-term financial damage. Gambling is also a very addicting activity that may affect almost 2% of Americans. Gamblers […]

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